It is the beginning of a New Year.

I like to dedicate a Poem  specially selected for you.



I had a castle made of gold,

it stood up straight and strong and bold,

with towers tall and square,

its windows shone with pearly shell,

and in it, by a fairy spell,

I put a princess fair.

I was the giant, grim and tall,

that sat upon the castle wall

and watched the foeman strong.

Then, riding on a white sea-horse

with flag of seaweed shinning bright,

a sea prince came along!

He brought an army clad in green,

the biggest wave I ever seen,

all topped with curling spray!

They battered at my castle door

and I fought them,hundreds more came rushing to the fray!

And now, alas!

My castle grand is just a bit of crumbling sandhidden by the sea.

The prince had saved the maiden fair,

I’m quite defeatedI don’t care,

I’m going home to tea.”  


That’s all for today, stay tuned to for the latest updates!!                                                                            &&&&