JJJThis story is adapted from “chicken soup for the kids soul”.

Edna Mae was one of Sandra’s best friends.

When it was Edna Mae’s birthday, she invited all the girls in her class. Sandra wrapped her gift, put on her best party dress and waited for her mother to say time to go. She went early because she got to help to place the cups all around the table 

When they had finished, Edna Mae and Sandra sat on the front porch of the house to wait for the guests.

 They waited and waited and waited….. but there was no sign of her friends.

Edna Mae began to cry. Finally, her mother announced that the party shall began. Sandra and Edna Mae played many games and they really had good time together.

When Sandra’s mother came to pick her up, Sandra asked her mother why none of the girls attended the party. Her mother told her that the others did not come because Edna Mae was black. The people are afraid of those who are different from them.

Sandra said that she will never be prejudiced. Sandra’s mother said she’s glad that Edna Mae has a good friend like Sandra.

From this story, I learned not to judge anyone whether he or she is different from us. JJJ