This story is adapted from ‘Chicken soup for the kids Soul’.

When Patty was in the seventh grade she got hooked on salami.

 Salami  is a type of salty, spicy sausage. Patty’s mother wouldn’t buy any salami for Patty because she said that salami was  too expensive and unhealthy. To prove her emerging independence, she decided to go ahead and eat whatever she wanted.

One day, Patty bought some salami. She didn’t want her mother to see it, so she hid it under her bed.   

 A couple of weeks later, she suddenly remembered the salami. When she peered under her bed, she saw a green hairy object   instead. The salami had grown about an inch of hair ! Being a picky eater, Patty was not interested in consuming that hairy object.

Sometime later, Patty’s mother decided to have spring cleaning . When she was cleaning under Patty’s bed, she screamed !!!. “Ahhhhh…..ahhhhh…..ahhhhhh!” Finally, gathering up her courage, she used the handle of the broom and  poked at the green hairy object, thinking that it was alive. But it didn’t move. Patty wanted to laugh out but she controlled herself.

As her mother continue to push the object harder, Patty could not stand it any longer and exploded into laughter. Patty told her mother that the green hairy object was actually salami   she bought some times back. Patty thought that her mother was going scold her and then the miracle happened. Patty’s mother started laughing too. Both mother and daughter laughed till tears rolled down their cheeks and Patty thought that she would pee her pants.

When they finally stopped laughing, Patty’s mother told her to clean it up. Patty had no idea how to clean it up. So she asked her little sister to help her. Patty and her little sister managed to roll it into the evening newspaper and Patty discarded it. She asked her sister to help her to remove the remaining fuzz from the carpet and Patty ended up owing her little sister her two week allowance……

I like this story as it is very funny and make me laugh. Hope you enjoy it, too!  🙂