This story is adapted from ‘chicken soup for the kid’s soul’.

A girl named Amy Hagadorn was in the third grade in South Wayne elementary school. She was teased everyday because of the way she talks, run and walk.

One day, her mother told her that there was a Christmas wish contest on the radio station. All she had to do was just write a letter to Santa Claus and she might win a prize. Amy decided to take part in the contest so she started writing. This was what she wrote: 

Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Amy. I am nine years old. I have a problem at school. Can you help me? Kids laugh at me because of the way I walk, run and talk. I have cerebral palsy. I just wish one day where no one would laugh or makes fun of me. 



At the radio station WJLT Fort Wayne, Indiana, letters poured in for the Christmas wish contest. When Amy’s letter arrived at the radio station, manager, Lee Tobin read the letter carefully. He knew cerebral palsy was a muscle disorder that might confuse Amy’s classmates who did’nt understand her disability. He thought it might be good for the people in Fort Wayne to hear about this special third-grader and her unusual wish. Mr. Tobin called up the local newspaper.

The next day, a picture of Amy and her letter to Santa was in the front page of News Sentinel. All across the country, newspapers, radio stations and television station stations reported that the little girl, Amy in Fort, Indiana who asked for a simple yet remarkable gift.

During that unforgettable Christmas season, two thousand over people sent Amy letters of friendship and support.  

Amy finally got her wish. J