This story is adapted from ‘Chicken soup for the kids soul’

It is about a dog named Monsieur DuPree. Monsieur DuPree’s owner was an old man. The old man had to move to an old-age home and he could not bring Monsieur DuPree along as they do not allow dogs there. He then decided to find a nice new home for Monsieur DuPree. He tied a huge red bow around it’s neck  and attached a note to it. The note says “Merry Christmas! My name is Monsieur DuPree. For breakfast I would like bacon and eggs– even corn flakes will do. For dinner, I prefer mashed potatoes and some meat. That’s all. I eat 2 meals a day. In return, I will be your most loyal friend.”They walked a long way until they came upon a victorian house surrounded by tall trees.  He said that it would be a nice home for him. He unleashed his dog and asked him to go up the steps of the door and scratch on the door. Reluctantly, it ran up the stairs and scratched at the door.A little boy opened the door and saw Monsieur DuPree and thought that Santa had given him a dog as a present for Christmas. Meanwhile, the old man saw Monsieur DuPree for the last time. Through watery eyes, he whispered “ Merry Christmas, my friend .” And the old man disappeared behind the trees.