This story is about 3 children named Lucy, Hermione and Sam.

Lucy, Hermione and Sam lived in Popcorn island.  The dark and rich soil in popcorn  island was suitable for growing popcorns. The villagers would gather the crop and then help to load it onto the ship which imported popcorn to America. The captain of the ship was Captain Foster. He owned the ship and was very popular on the island as he always allowed children to come aboard and drink special lemonade he made for them. Captain Foster had a dog named Biscuits, who was also very popular with the children. The children lived a happy and peaceful life until one day a disaster strikes……

While sailing on the ocean, Captain Foster was robbed by pirates. The pirates took all the sacks of popcorns even Biscuit’s dog food! When he returned back to popcorn  island, Lucy and Hermione was delighted to see  him. He told them that he was robbed by pirates.

The next day, the three children sailed out at sea with the captain. When they saw a pirate’s ship heading towards them, Captain Foster told the children to hide at the back of the wheelhouse under old popcorn sacks as he did not want the children and Biscuit to get into any trouble. Soon, the pirate ship caught up with them and they put a plank over the ship and went onto Captain Foster’s ship. They asked him for money but Captain Foster told him that he did not have much money. Just as the pirates were about to leave the ship, Biscuits started to bark and the pirates found them hiding under the old popcorn sack. Lucy, Hermione and Sam were forced to work for the pirates. Luckily, the children came up with a plan and decided to cook popcorn for the pirates. They cooked the popcorn till it filled the whole room and they locked the room with a key and escaped. The plan turned out successfully. However one of the pirates, Ed saw them. Just then Biscuits leaped out and growled fiercely at Ed. As Ed was about to kick Biscuits, it suddenly latched on his leg. Lucy, Hermione and Sam quickly tied Ed with a rope tightly. Then they sailed the ship to Captain Foster’s ship. The children helped to untie Captain Foster. Then they attached the pirates ship to theirs and sailed back to popcorn island.

The pirates were finally send to jail.