John and Nicky’s parents were both volcano experts. As it was a dangerous job, they send John and Nicky to stay with their Aunt Rebecca. Aunt Rebecca was a kind hearted person except she has very precise ideas about food. John and Nicky had to eat healthy meals all the time, that means no chips nor a chocolate cake for them…  One Day, John and Nicky’s friend, who was a chef, won in a food contest. He send in his favourite spaghetti sauce recipe and won a chance to explore the whole spaghetti factory as well as to make his own spaghetti in the factory. As he was very busy with his work, he let Nicky and John to go on his behalf. Both of them were overjoyed! However Aunt Rebecca forbidden them to go as she thinks spaghetti was an unhealthy food. But John told her that it was very rude to turn down this invitation. After a lot of grumbling and nagging, she finally allowed them to go. On the day of the visit to the factory, a spaghetti factory car brought them there. They explored the whole factory and making their own spaghetti. They even had lunch with Mr Pipelli, the chairman of the factory. Each of them had 6 plates of spaghetti!  When it was time to go back, the car picked them up and Mr Pipelli waved goodbye to them. When they got home, Aunt Rebecca was horrified to see that their clothes were stained with ketchup. The next day she went to the factory to complain to Mr Pipelli .Surprisingly, Mr Pipelli was not angry and he treated her very well.  In return, she invited Mr Pipelli to her house for lunch. Everyday he came to lunch and after eating they would take a walk together at Aunt Rebecca’s garden and he would pluck a rose from one of her rose bushes and give it to Aunt Rebecca. When Mr Pipelli proposed to Aunt Rebecca one day, she agreed.  On their wedding day, Aunt Rebecca and Mr Pipelli sat a car and went for their honeymoon in
Italy. Nicky, John and the workers of the factory threw confetti on the newly-weds.But it was not the confetti they threw – it was