Donna envied Jane very much and longed with all her heart to be just like her. Jane was the smartest girl Donna ever known. She always got straight A’s and she was pretty too. One day, after a soccer practice, Jane and Donna were standing together waiting for their mothers. Donna watched Jane read a textbook. She saw that Jane looked very sad. When she asked her why was she so sad, Jane looked at Donna for a moment and whispered softly inside her ears. She said  her dad used a leather strap to beat her the night before. Her dad wanted to see straight A’s for her test as he always get straight A’s in school. Since Jane was his daughter, she must also get straight A’s. Jane’s dad hit her because she got B+. Donna told her that her dad had never  hit her  before. Just then, Jane’s mother came driving in a big, white car. Jane rushed and opened the car door. She looked back and asked Donna to keep it as a secret. Jane and Donna became best friends then. However from that day onwards, Donna   did not envy Jane anymore….