This is adapted from ‘Chicken soup for the kids soul’

Anne was having cornflakes for her breakfast while reading the print on the cereal box. Her big sister, Mary was seating just right across her, reading the other side of the cereal box. The other side of the box said that the awesome prize was to have your name in gold. As Mary read on, Anne’s interest in the prize grew. This is what it said: “just send in one dollar with proof-of –purchase seal from this box and spell out your first name on the information blank. We will send you a special pin with your name spelled in gold. [Only one per family, please.]” What caught Anne’s attention was to have her name in gold. When she told Mary that she wanted her very own name to be spelled out in sparkling gold, her sister disagreed. She said she saw it first and wanted to send her name in, besides Anne did not have a dollar.Several weeks passed and the pin arrived in a small package. Mary asked Anne if she would like to see the pin but Anne did not want to see it. Mary put the pin in the box and went downstairs. Anne could not resist opening the box. She saw her name in gold. Anne was shocked and touched by her sister’s love and concern.The pin became a blurred gold through her tears