Stacie was seven years old when she met Kiki , a little girl who just moved into her neighbourhood . Soon both of them became good friends. They always play and laugh together.

One day, Stacie noticed Kiki had lots of big bruises everywhere.

That night, Stacie’s mum received a phone call from Kiki’s mum. She told her that Kiki had a bad kind of cancer called leukemia and she had to undergo a bone marrow test with her brother, Sam. If that test matched, Kiki would get a good chance of surviving.

Unfortunately, there was no match. Stacie and her two sisters decided to do something to help. They sold lemonade and cookies and made over sixty dollars. Then they used the money to contribute to the children’s leukemia center. What they want was for Kiki and the other children to get well.

Months went by and Kiki had lost all her hair and she was not getting any better.

The day Kiki died, Stacie cried more then ever in her life. Even though Kiki had passed away, Stacie could still feel that Kiki was always by her side.

Below is the song Stacie sang for Kiki at her anniversary memorial service. The title of this song is “can you feel the love tonight” by Elton John. The song was from the movie ‘The Lion King’ and it was the first movies Kiki and Stacie watched.

This is a very touching story and makes me feel like crying … L