This story is adapted from the book “Chicken soup for the kids soul”.

Rebecca was an eleven year old girl who loved to paint rainbows. Her parents had divorced when she was young. One day, Rebecca was going to perform at the school play. Her mother went  for a vacation for a few days and could not see her perform. It was the first time her mother had been away since her parents  divorced. Rebecca was unusually anxious about the separation and cried when they had to say good bye.

Coming home one night over her father’s memorial day weekend cookout, Rebecca, her father and his new wife were killed when a drunk driver traveling the wrong way down the highway hit their car. Only Rebecca’s nine year old brother, Oliver, survived the crash, protected by his sister’s body. Rebecca’s funeral was held on the day of the school play. It was a beautiful spring day as bright as Rebecca. Her mother rushed home when she heard  her daughter had died in a car accident. Her worried mother closed her eyes and prayed that she needed Rebecca to show her a rainbow sign that she was in peace. Suddenly it started to rain, then it stopped. Someone shouted: “hey everybody ! look there is a rainbow out there. Rebecca’s mother now knew that her daughter was now in peace. Her mother gazed up the sky and whispered ” thank you’’.

I like this story. It is a very touching story. I learned that we must treasure every one when they are alive, especially those who are close to us. .