Little Billy’s mother had warned Little Billy not to go to the forest of Sin as many people never came out after that. One day, he went to explore the forest alone out of curiosity.

In the forest, he was chased by a gruncher, a fire breathing monster. As agile as a monkey, he climbed up a tree and escaped. On the tree, he met little people called the minpins. The minpins told Little Billy that the gruncher had eaten millions of minpins. The gruncher has a special breathing nose that can tells him where his food was and he knew Little Billy was on the tree.

Just then, a blue swallow that flew passed Little Billy gave him an idea. With the help of Don Mini, who was the chief in-charge of the tree and a Robin, Billy climbed onto a swan’s back. They wanted to trick the gruncher, so the Swan flew back and forth and teased the gruncher. The silly gruncher just followed the swan. When they were ready, they headed for the river and the silly gruncher just followed blindly.

‘Splash’!  the gruncher fell into the river and was drowned.

Now Little Billy and the swan flew back to the tree. Don Mini and the crowd of minpins cheered loudly for them. They rewarded Billy by letting the swan chauffer him around the world for a little adventures at night.