Today I would like to share with you a poem about daffodils.

A daffodil is a type of bell shaped yellow spring flower 

There she dances, dressed in gold,

whilst the March windsfrosty-cold,

blow her own so frilly; like a maiden, slim and fair, tossing back her golden hair,

Yellow daffodil! 



                            ¯²³ªT  Today, I am going to share with you a poem. This poem may be short but is sweet.The title of this poem is “My Garden.”   

Tulips gay and tall, Bluebells slim and sweet.

Pansies soft and small and daisies round my feet!

Poppies on tiptoe, lilac full of grace.

Forget-me-nots so blue,Wallflowers all a shine,

Apple-blossom new I’m glad, I’m glad you’re mind!!!! 


As I’m preparing for my Primary School leaving examination (PSLE) next year, i have tons of homework given by my teachers, therefore this year i’ll be very busy. However i’ll try to post during my leisure time. 

Here is another Riddle for you…

Why is a baker cruel? 

It is the beginning of a New Year.

I like to dedicate a Poem  specially selected for you.



I had a castle made of gold,

it stood up straight and strong and bold,

with towers tall and square,

its windows shone with pearly shell,

and in it, by a fairy spell,

I put a princess fair.

I was the giant, grim and tall,

that sat upon the castle wall

and watched the foeman strong.

Then, riding on a white sea-horse

with flag of seaweed shinning bright,

a sea prince came along!

He brought an army clad in green,

the biggest wave I ever seen,

all topped with curling spray!

They battered at my castle door

and I fought them,hundreds more came rushing to the fray!

And now, alas!

My castle grand is just a bit of crumbling sandhidden by the sea.

The prince had saved the maiden fair,

I’m quite defeatedI don’t care,

I’m going home to tea.”  


That’s all for today, stay tuned to for the latest updates!!                                                                            &&&&               


 Merry Christmas  to All !


I found this song and video very cute, so decided to share with you, since Christmas is around the corner …
Hope you like it

JJJThis story is adapted from “chicken soup for the kids soul”.

Edna Mae was one of Sandra’s best friends.

When it was Edna Mae’s birthday, she invited all the girls in her class. Sandra wrapped her gift, put on her best party dress and waited for her mother to say time to go. She went early because she got to help to place the cups all around the table 

When they had finished, Edna Mae and Sandra sat on the front porch of the house to wait for the guests.

 They waited and waited and waited….. but there was no sign of her friends.

Edna Mae began to cry. Finally, her mother announced that the party shall began. Sandra and Edna Mae played many games and they really had good time together.

When Sandra’s mother came to pick her up, Sandra asked her mother why none of the girls attended the party. Her mother told her that the others did not come because Edna Mae was black. The people are afraid of those who are different from them.

Sandra said that she will never be prejudiced. Sandra’s mother said she’s glad that Edna Mae has a good friend like Sandra.

From this story, I learned not to judge anyone whether he or she is different from us. JJJ

This story is adapted from ‘Chicken soup for the kids Soul’.

When Patty was in the seventh grade she got hooked on salami.

 Salami  is a type of salty, spicy sausage. Patty’s mother wouldn’t buy any salami for Patty because she said that salami was  too expensive and unhealthy. To prove her emerging independence, she decided to go ahead and eat whatever she wanted.

One day, Patty bought some salami. She didn’t want her mother to see it, so she hid it under her bed.   

 A couple of weeks later, she suddenly remembered the salami. When she peered under her bed, she saw a green hairy object   instead. The salami had grown about an inch of hair ! Being a picky eater, Patty was not interested in consuming that hairy object.

Sometime later, Patty’s mother decided to have spring cleaning . When she was cleaning under Patty’s bed, she screamed !!!. “Ahhhhh…..ahhhhh…..ahhhhhh!” Finally, gathering up her courage, she used the handle of the broom and  poked at the green hairy object, thinking that it was alive. But it didn’t move. Patty wanted to laugh out but she controlled herself.

As her mother continue to push the object harder, Patty could not stand it any longer and exploded into laughter. Patty told her mother that the green hairy object was actually salami   she bought some times back. Patty thought that her mother was going scold her and then the miracle happened. Patty’s mother started laughing too. Both mother and daughter laughed till tears rolled down their cheeks and Patty thought that she would pee her pants.

When they finally stopped laughing, Patty’s mother told her to clean it up. Patty had no idea how to clean it up. So she asked her little sister to help her. Patty and her little sister managed to roll it into the evening newspaper and Patty discarded it. She asked her sister to help her to remove the remaining fuzz from the carpet and Patty ended up owing her little sister her two week allowance……

I like this story as it is very funny and make me laugh. Hope you enjoy it, too!  🙂  

This story is adapted from ‘chicken soup for the kid’s soul’.

A girl named Amy Hagadorn was in the third grade in South Wayne elementary school. She was teased everyday because of the way she talks, run and walk.

One day, her mother told her that there was a Christmas wish contest on the radio station. All she had to do was just write a letter to Santa Claus and she might win a prize. Amy decided to take part in the contest so she started writing. This was what she wrote: 

Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Amy. I am nine years old. I have a problem at school. Can you help me? Kids laugh at me because of the way I walk, run and talk. I have cerebral palsy. I just wish one day where no one would laugh or makes fun of me. 



At the radio station WJLT Fort Wayne, Indiana, letters poured in for the Christmas wish contest. When Amy’s letter arrived at the radio station, manager, Lee Tobin read the letter carefully. He knew cerebral palsy was a muscle disorder that might confuse Amy’s classmates who did’nt understand her disability. He thought it might be good for the people in Fort Wayne to hear about this special third-grader and her unusual wish. Mr. Tobin called up the local newspaper.

The next day, a picture of Amy and her letter to Santa was in the front page of News Sentinel. All across the country, newspapers, radio stations and television station stations reported that the little girl, Amy in Fort, Indiana who asked for a simple yet remarkable gift.

During that unforgettable Christmas season, two thousand over people sent Amy letters of friendship and support.  

Amy finally got her wish. J 

This is an interesting Chinese folk tale. Many Chinese people may have heard of this story.

A giant named Pan Gu made the earth. The light air became the blue sky and the dark heavy air became the ground. Fearing that the sky and ground would mix together, Pan Gu raised the sky with his hands.

One day, Pan Gu was so exhausted that he collapsed to the ground. Since then, he could never stand up again but the sky and the ground never mixed together again. Many years later, Pan Gu’s limbs turned into mountains and his blood into rivers. His eyes became the sun and the moon, his hair became the stars in the sky and trees and flowers on the ground.

Upon seeing the sight of the new world, a beautiful and kind goddess called Nv Wa saw her own reflection in the yellow river and decided to use mud to make clay dolls. She blew masculine air into the dolls and made them men who were brave and strong. She breathed feminine air into the others and made them women who were kind and beautiful. She soon made lots of clay dolls and set up the marriage system so that men and women could give birth to more children and human beings could live on.

One day, there was a hole in the sky and it caused a flood. Nv Wa saw what had happened and decided to mend the hole immediately. She put 5 colored stones into a huge pot and the stones melted to become dense liquid. Nv Wa used the liquid to mend the hole. Finally, the sky was mended. As she was worried that the sky might fall down and the misfortune would befall on the people again, she caught a 10,000 year old turtle and cut of its legs to use them as pillars to hold the sky.  The earth became peaceful and calm again..  J